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Hip Orthopedics

Hip treatment

During the initial evaluation with Dr. Mora will examine his patient and review all imaging to determine whether the patient should start physical therapy, receive injections in combination with physical therapy or if surgical intervention is needed at this time.  After discussing the pros and the cons of each the patient can make an informed decision for their bodies.

Common Procedures include:

Hip Arthroscopy

His arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical approach that allows doctors to see inside the hip capsule using a miniscule camera.  With this approach there is no need for large incisions and thereby better preserving the soft tissues and causing less injury to the joint.  The doctor uses a 3-4mm camera that is connected to a 4k resolution monitor. With precision tools and high-definition visualization Dr. Mora can help with impingement, labral tears, trochanteric bursitis.  Minimally invasive hip arthroscopy is also often used to repair or debridement of the surround soft tissues (muscles, tendons & ligaments), articular cartilage or labrum.

Each procedure has specific physical therapy and rehabilitation protocols that Dr. Mora promotes.  The focus begins with regaining full range of motion, following by endurance, strength, and agility. Dr. Mora will share with the physical therapist of your choice his preferred rehabilitation protocols and post-operative instructions.

Robot-Assisted Total Hip replacement

Recent advances in technology and medicine allows our surgeons to perform total hip replacement surgery with greater accuracy. With the assistance of the Styker Mako Robot, our surgeons can make precision cuts and preserve the soft tissues surrounding the joint. Most qualified patients are able to begin physical therapy and walk hours after the surgery and they typically go home the same day.